Thunkable X Map Marker: Component Issue or just my iPad?

I’m having a white screen problem every time add a map marker to a map, but only on my iPad companion. No problem with my androids. Can anyone out there try my demo with an iOS device and tell me if you freeze too?

Open the app, in the MAP screen, just tap the button “MARKER”. For me it immediately goes to white screen, and then I have to reload the companion app. iPad Air 2 with 11.4.1 OS, using the current (56) version of the Thunkable Live Companion.

I’m having a similar problem with the loading icon, it’s presence in even the simplest app causes whitescreen. Is it only me?


Your example on my iOS 12.3.1 works fine.

Map may not be ready to use. Try adding an onMapReady block and moving the add marker block into it.

Thank you for testing actech, I really appreciate it. I got the white screen again when I tried your suggestion. I wonder if it is an incompatibility issue with iOS 11? If anyone else can try with an iOS 11 device, I’d like to know if you have success. Thanks in advance,

Does your device allow you to upgrade iOS to a newer version?

Please report your problem to the developers -

works on my iPhone 6

Thanks to both of you for checking on your devices and confirming. I don’t have sufficient memory in my old iPad to update the iOS so that isn’t an option for me. The fact that you have no problem at all means that it is either specific to my iPad or <12 iOS. I’ll post in Github. Thanks again.

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