Map Markers not showing up when they previously did!

We are doing an app making competition and our app is due to be handed in at 5.00pm TODAY. We have coded our app so that it works as a map and when people input address a maker is placed on the address that they gave. We had this function working well on the live test all day yesterday and late last night, it is only this morning that the markers are no longer appearing. We have reviewed all of our blocks and nothing is wrong or has had any changes between yesterday and this morning. We also tried making a whole new app and just doing the basis of the map coding to see if it worked and it didnt. Has anyone encounted the same problem, could it be the thunkable platform and not us?

We are desperate, Please help!!


If you give me a link to your project, I’ll try to fix it. Should it work on iOS and Android? Can you give an example of an address query to find it on the map?

A simple basic example

thank you for your help but luckily we think we have figured out the problem, it was an issue with the server not us i think.