Creat marker in Map-Android- Thunkable doesn't care?

hello, can anyone tell when the bug in the map marker create component will be fixed? I have an app ready to launch but with this error the app will be a failure! I’m a pro member and I’m only paying $ 20 a month to have a project stopped! I wish they were quick with this solution. I know Thunkable has been working hard to release new components like canvas that everyone expects to see accomplished one day! But I think in my opinion the most important thing is to keep existing components operational! Anyone using thunkableX first launches Android and then tries their luck to be accepted on Apple’s AppStore. A outburst of those just waiting!


I agree. We can’t seem to get fixes for the current bugs nor help with existing components yet they are all eager for new ones to roll out. I bought a year sub since I got 50% off but so far it’s just been to keep my apps private. At this rate who knows if ThunkableX will even be relevant come next year…



What kind of mistake are you talking about? On my Android emulator, I did not encounter errors when working with markers.

try to create a list of locations and use the create tag block for each item in the list and then tell me the result!

My screenshot. What to do next to see the problem? What does “create tag block” mean?

Try this!

The problem is the inability to display the whole multiline text on Android (on iOS it work good)?

If so, then a workaround may be to manually create a popup. Of course, this is inconvenient, but it will turn out to be a perfectly working crutch.

This is in IOS but quite Android take de app down

Sorry, but I didn’t understand your phrase “quite Android take de app down”. What does it mean? This means that the app crashes and closes, or that the information in the label window is displayed differently than in iOS in this image? Can you show a screenshot on Android?

yes i mean take the app down! I can’t print because the app closes when I call the markers

Now I seem to understand the problem.

The fact is that you need to give numbers to the inputs of the marker adding block, and in your case, the text are sent to the input, which on Android causes the application to crash. Unfortunately, other blocks cause a similar problem, because when you run the application on Android, protection against the wrong type and values ​​of these blocks is not performed.

The solution is shown below.