addMarkers on android

I know this has been discussed before, but i can’t seem to find the answer.

Is there a way to add markes to a map on Android, without it crashing?.

My markers look like this:
“date”: “2020-03-07 20:22:18”,
“latitude”: 55.603186420978,
“longitude”: 12.662466996284
“date”: “2020-03-07 22:41:59”,
“latitude”: 55.633313416514,
“longitude”: 12.646834573608
“date”: “2020-03-07 22:42:03”,
“latitude”: 55.621951900237,
“longitude”: 12.620376172385

Hey @Claus_Holbech1 :wave:

Is there anything in the “Cartographr” app that you can use for this?

You’ll probably need to add in a loop and a couple of lists, but it should work fine.

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@Claus_Holbech1 What have you tried. There may be an issue with your code causing the crashing.