Maps issues: addMarker gives no title on the marker (iOS) / onCalloutPress not working on iOS

Hello all,

sorry if I miss a general discussion thread about maps issues. Here are two current findings from me:

  • under iOS, thunkable live 205-1, the “maps addMarker” works, the marker shows up at the right place (lat/long) and has a subtitle, but no title. The same app works under android (thunkable 20601) without errors (and with titles…).
  • the map.callOutPress works (thanks to the team!) under android, but still not under iOS.

I just opened issue #635 on github for this error.

use api properly and then tell me coz i have also made map app

my app also displays markers from API(Firebase) it used to show in the right place, also with description and title…
now, since 2 days and no changes done, the marker won’t show title, but the rest (lat/long/description) is OK.

is there a reason for this sudden behavor? since i did not change anything…

thx for any reply.

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with api it wont show marker mostly

I am also getting the error reported on in this thread: if I keep the default “google” as the provider in my map, my markers show subtitle but not title.

If I change provider to blank, I get apple map and it shows both title and subtitle