Thunkable X Google Maps: Remove Markers

Hello All,
I’ve been trying to build an Map app using Thunkable X… But i cant seem to find out how to remove a marker once its placed… When i place a new marker, the previous one stays in the same place.

Please help me?

Thank you!



Can you give a link to your project?

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I think that it is impossible to do this with Thunkable X. No, I guess I was wrong. Now I’ll check my guess.

Deleting marks occurs when the screen is restarted (use block “navigate to”). That is, you need to go to another screen, and then return to the screen with the map.

No, it does not work either. Swype gesture can be returned to the first screen where the label will be present.


So this is impossible…?

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Yes, I could not find a way to do this with Thunkable X.

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Thanks for checking this – we are going to do some upgrades to the Map component – this is definitely something we want to support in the future.


Thank you.
My application was a cross platform fleet tracking system. I guess so far there is no way to achieve this.
Hope to see this soon.

Thank you again

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Hi @albert and @actech, I would like to know if there is progress going on with markers on maps in Thunkable X? I would really love to see some fuctions that have been implemented in Thunkable Classic, like:

  • response to “click markers” and the ability to analyse the latitude/longitude where the click occured
  • customizable markers (i.e. different colors)
  • delete / move marker

Hi there,

Thanks so much for the inquiry and the feedback on our maps component. We are certainly hoping to add these features in the near future – we don’t yet have an ETA yet but you can always follow along to what is in active development / testing on our release notes page here.

Appreciate your patience – I’m a big Maps fan too so want these as well!

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more than half a year has passed and I just realized you still can’t remove a marker… really sad that you seem to focus just on making money instead of implementing essential features :disappointed_relieved:

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Hi @Chris , I agree with you that we lack essential features. Mobile Apps can guide us to places we like, and a map needs some basic functions (sadly enough, they exist in Thunkable Classic):

  • add / delete / manage markers
  • style markers (at least colors)
  • markers should respond to touch
  • they should move, if the phone moves
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I also don’t get why it is not even possible to add a marker on touch event… usually this should be a few lines of code… :frowning:

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is thunkable X every gonna get updated to include these features?

does not seem likely to happen soon… :frowning:

i’d even take a workaround for removing map markers, such as killing entire map and redrawing… something. Hinders the useablity of the map control without the ability to remove map markers… such as trying to show locations in a users vacinity and update the locations based on their proximity to the user as they move or set a radius to search around them

It’s such a shame. Me and my team are working on a pubic transportation project, and we are having a really hard time because many features are missing. :confused:

I’d like to see custom map markers!


Sounds like a great idea for an app @team.cyb3rgirlzqh - just wondering what you’ve developed so far and what you user feedback has been like?

What sort of feature requests are you seeing from your users at the moment?


Mark wrote a tutorial for this quite a while ago, and it’s also part of this sample app:

These blocks, in. conjunction with a list of markers, can be used to create/update/delete markers, right?

Screenshot 2020-03-28 at 17.06.30

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I can confirm that what @domhnallohanlon domhal is saying is currently workable!


I confirm that at this very moment I can:

  • add markers
  • delete all markers
  • get the index of a “pressed” marker

With this, I am able to build an app with a good map functionality, it is not perfect right now. And I would like to point out, that we are working with google maps, so a user is able to:

  • rotate maps (with two fingers)
  • see buildings
  • modify the look of the map (with a JSON string)
  • see traffic (as an option)
  • and more …

That said, I would like to say “Thank you” to the Thunkable Team.

To improve the maps I would like to see:

  • customizable markers (different colors of a marker, text options like URLs or pictures?)
  • icons for two or more places, that means: to show a location that has two or more points-of-interest
  • an easy way to determine the pressed marker (right now it is a function that searches the nearest position)

Greetings, Mikel.