Delete Marker On Press

Hi everyone, for my app I want to be able to select a map marker, press a button, and then have that marker permanently deleted. (I am uploading my map markers from Firebase.) Is this possible to do? If so, how would I go about this?


As far as I remember, markers can be removed by redrawing the Map. Create a list of markers and redraw the Map after deleting it from the list

Hi @actech, thanks for your response! Is it possible to remove an item from the list when someone presses on a marker?

I dont think so. There is only one single block and it deletes all markers from map. As actech said Make a list of your markers with coordinate values (for ex 5 markers) delete one marker by pressing and getting lat and long of marker. remove it and add marker where left 4 markers in your list.

note: nowadays maps component doesnt work properly. you might wait a few days to get coordinate when press on map.