Thunkable X Firebase Get Parent Nodes to the List

I am struggling to get the data from firebase and display it in the list.

I am selecting a date “Apr 1, 2020” to get the tag “Test” and “Test One” into the list or label.

But at any cost, I am not being able to get it.

Also, there is no enough documentation available to understand “OBJECTS”

Annotation 2020-04-15 131615

I can not get the value of name with this. But If I change the key to the following, I get the value.

But I want to set the key to “Test” dynamically from the list. And for that, I need to retrieve the “Test” and “Test One” from the firebase in the list or label.

Please Help!

On the “getProperty” block, dont use the “getObjectfromJSON” block, just put the value in the “of object”. the “get property” name is the parent node youre calling and the value will return all the data within that parent node. if you want to refine each parent then you would make the name “Apr 1,2020/test” and the value would be all of the information within the Test node. then you could parse that data into a list OR you can go even further and do “Apr 1,2020/Test/add” for the name and that will return the value of “Tehsbsjs”


i had the same requirement (a little simpler though).
below is my firebase structure and what this demo app displays:

the first listviewer comes from getKeys while the 2nd listviewer comes from getColumn (similar to the airtable command for getting the values of a column into a list). the slider is just used for selecting either one of my two columns.

here’s a copy of the demo project (with the apikey and db url blanked out)

here are the blocks

here is the getKeys routine -which returns a list of the keys in the order they are stored in the database. (for this demo, the listviewer1 is used to show the list but it may not be needed in your app).

below is the getColumn routine that returns all the values in the specified column - as a list! (just like in airtable)


I have a similar structure:

I have the parent tag in firebase: Manger ; Meeting…;tst 3 Oct
I can get into Thunkable the children Tag:Date;Document;Info;Name

Can you give me more info about how you get the Firebase Parent info into Thunkable ?

Can you give me more info about how you get the Firebase Parent TAG info into Thunkable ?