Parent name of a for item j

I’m able to get the item j that I need, but what I’m really wanting is the parent name of the item j’s in my list.

I searched the forums and didn’t find a clear answer, the closest was a topic about getting the parent names directly from the cloud variable.
My data is too large to do that, so I’m trying to get it from the app variable instead but the method for searching the app variable wouldn’t have worked in that example.

Are you using lists or Firebase? What does your data structure look like? Are you using a loop? Show your blocks.

Yes it’s firebase

On the “last as middle j” I need the parent name.
The parent name is also in the object under Mode if that makes it easier to grab.


Give an example (actual values) of an item that you know and a parent that you would want to get.

Also, I don’t see Mode anywhere in your screenshots.

Have you already read through the topics related to this, such as this one?

I meant to say model not mode sorry.

An example would be that I can get 5x114 to return for my middle j, and I want to get Brand 1 Model 1 19x8 5x114 (-22) 76 Black instead (which is the parent name but I also have it created as name below model)

Yes I’ve looked through those, I’m not seeing the connection of how those get the parent name through a for item j. (But remember maybe it’s easier to just call the value from Name: once I return 5x114)

This would be so easy if there was a block similar to get object properties of but in reverse.

Get parent of…

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I should be clear here, I’m filtering by 5x114 and I want to get the parent name.

Is there not a block for this? If it’s the call Realtime DB get Key then I’m completely lost on how to use it for this purpose.

Thanks again