How to put firebase key in listviewer?

I want to get all the firebase keys and put it in a list viewer like

Get the data of the entire parent node (maptest) and then use the blocks for working with text and a list to select the necessary data from them.

could you help me with it?

After accessing the test node (in your case, replace test with /) we have the data


Remove from the resulting string { and } and ", create a list of pairs from which we get the key value. Label1 is used for debugging.

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it seems like the data i needed has changed though

i want only the first keys to be shown


My example does not work for your keys?

sir, the example you gave me shows all keys

In my example, an approach to get data is shown. It uses text blocks and list blocks. See the JSON data format that your database returns. After that, change my example so that it gives you the nodes you need.

pls help me as i am starting with thunkable sir

I will help you if you send me JSON data in text form.

I too am strugglying with the firebase database and updating anything.
My rules are as follows
“Listings”: {".read": “true”,

 "Users": {
  "$uid": {
    ".read": "$uid === auth.uid",
    ".write": "$uid === auth.uid",


But whenever a user is signed in nothing will get updated as it says permission denied.
My blocks are as follows
in realtime save

KEY = Users

any help on this would be greatly appreciated as its been driving me mad for 4 days now

I added a JSON screen to the project, where two options are given for filling the list with data from JSON (Firebase).

i dont understand what you did sir

i only want the first keys to be shown not the whole data

I show only general examples of working with data because you do not write what data is originally and what data from them you need to get at the end. If you need certain data from the entire set, then to get them, use a filter.

Hi @actech ,

Thanks, your blocks worked to list keys perfectly.

Similarly could you please let know how to list all the values instead of keys for the same example?