How can i get a key from Realtime Database and make a list out of that?

These are the blocks I copied from @darren tutorials but I am not able to figure out why they are not working for me. Please tell me what I did wrong. I downloaded the last image so in it the first function is to be ignored.

if you are looking for keys, use the get object properties of block

also if you are trying to create list from the firebase response, you can use this function. just pass in the object of the firebase response and it will spit out the list version of it


Thank you @darren for your reply. It works even if I just use the get object properties block and set text items in list viewer.

Is there a way to remove the arrow from alternate items in the list.

If you look in the properties panel, you can uncheck “Show Arrow” from the list viewer.



Will that item still be Clickable.