[Solved] Firebase Getting Specific Parent Node/Key into List


What I am trying to do: I have 4 keys (parents) that goes by LOCATION/USERID/DATE_INPUT/TIME_INPUT and I want to make a list viewer using the 3rd key (DATE_INPUT) only. Then when I click on the date, it will navigate me to the 4th key (TIME_INPUT).

I have followed @darren’s example on YouTube, I managed to get the DATE_INPUT into the list viewer but the TIME_INPUT shows up too :frowning: I found out that this was because the delimiter I set }, is similar for each DATE_INPUT items. However I can’t find an alternative to this because I rarely use ‘objects’…

I found another fellow Thunkable who had a similar idea to what I want to do but I don’t seem to find a solution on his/her post… (Post: Thunkable X Firebase Get Parent Nodes to the List).

Please tell me if I am missing somthing or some code blocks are wrong. Thank you!! :slight_smile:

I tried to use @darren method too, and my path is very similar to yours just a few days ago. But I found it is very complicated to use JSON text to do it. Therefore, I used lists to help me.
This is how it looks like

And this is how you get all date


However if you still want to use your own structure, just ignore the first image :wink:

Oh wow! Thank you so much.

This is slightly less complicated than completly using JSON. I tried a few times using your method, made some slight changes and it worked! Though in the end I got rid of the list because it was showing the count in the database but it still worked as planned using cloud variable. Now, it only shows the specific date. :star_struck:


Glad that I can help :blush:
I am @when-button1.clicked, btw :joy: