Thunkable X BLE error

Hello all!

I am having an issue with the BLE extension. I have a simple layout with a button, a listview and a label. The label is set to show the error of the BLE scanning function and the listview is set to display the results of the scan, and the button starts the scanning.
But when I press the button, the label displays “BleError: Cannot start scanning operation”.

Does anyone know the cause of this problem? or how to fix this to get a successful scan?

I am using a Google Pixel 3 with no other Bluetooth devices connected.

Have you got location turned on for your phone?

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Yes, my location was on and allowed in the permissions. I figured out the issue (sort of). I got it to work by giving the app all permissions. I thought that was a bit strange. But hey it works. Thanks!

For me giving Storage permission was enough

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When you actually clk Button14 do you get Device Names in List_Viewer5?

The reason I ask is b/c I have implemented this exact code and don’t get any Device Names.
I did set permissions.

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