Thunkable very very slow

am i the only one who ca not continue my project because of the slowness of thunkable?
it s not from my cumputer, i checked its performance while coding…it seems that thunkable servers are not enough powerful or something like that…

Hello @jordanlefret7w1pml! Sorry for any issues you’re experiencing at the moment.
Could you please send us more information about your issue? What device do you use? Which browser? How many pages do you have?
Something that you could try is to reduce the number of components/screens.

So i use this computer : AMD FX 8350, 12go ram,GTX 1050ti, i use ethernet with very good connexion, Windows 10
I have 16 screen in thunkable, effectivly it is maybe too much…
To explain my issues, only for changing a label name, it takes maybe 15 seconds, for going into blocks, it takes more time and a little Windows tells me i have to wait or quit,because it seems my computer is going to freeze…generally i just have to wait,the block Windows finish to appear…so it is really the incredible slowness when i want to do anything…and there are bugs very strange and wasting time like a simple label can crash my program when i test it on my téléphone. A label that have nothing special…but Can work if i test on the computer
Thanks for your help

I have another question,different, i use free version of thunkable, could i publish it on stores?or do i have to suscribe to thunkable ? I will not sell my app anywhere i make it for free, but if i dont sell it, i dont want to pay neither😅
Thanks, i m not certain of how works publishment…