Thunkable new home page design

I do not like the new thunkable theme , it was used to be It is now I cannot switch back even after clicking on the old version. How can i do so

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Hey @zbk0612eip8w, thanks for your feedback.

This is just our home page and not the Thunkable platform itself - curious as to why you would want to see our old website? Is there something in particular that you miss about it?

i want the old one back because it had more description than the new one

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Thanks for the feedback.

Just wondering - as a Thunkable user - don’t you already know how to use Thunkable?

Which description would you like to see brought back?

but if newusers comes they knw more and also on the old one the app examples were removed

thunkablne new design is worse, and many features like notifire, firebase is not in the current version. It is very wrong thing.

My thoughts…

I think this yellow background blends in too much with the white. Some darker shadows on the cards would help.

These buttons are beautiful!

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However the old one has project is samples which was removed from new one