Thunkable live not working on iOS 11.1.2, but working on PC emulator

Hi All,

does any one if there is a problem with thunkable live test app…
my app is not working on physical ios device 11.1.2
but working perfectly fine on android emulator device

Hi, @Tijender_Singh! :wave:

Would you mind posting some error screenshots, error description?

Thanks! :blush:

P.S. Please do make sure, that you have updated the Thunkable Live app from AppStore to it’s latest version.

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Hey @kartik14,

Hope you are doing good. thanks for your reply. the issue is

  1. markers are not loading on physical Ios device while running thunkable live app but running fine on emulator

  2. the buttons are also not working like i press a button to navigate to different page on the app its working fine on emulator but in physical device.

thunkable live app is updated on both emulator and physical device

Hi, @Tijender_Singh! :wave:

Thanks for the explanation - it’s helpful to understand the thing :smile:
Also, have you tested your app on a real android device?

Thanks! :blush:

its working fine on android physical device. and now same functionality is not working on two different emulator.

when clicking on left image +,- button nothing happen wheras on the right screen its working fine

is this code right

i want that if any button click in a particular column here in grid view clm then only defined action take place other wise i want to define the action of button separately.

like above is this correct way of doing it,


I see the problem. It will be interesting to understand.

Everything was simple - any block handling the event does not work in the Live on iOS.

And now it works. Check it.