Thunkable Live error!

I have this error:

I tried to open Thunkable Live (Android) on all my devices, and it always gets the same error

I’m getting some strange behavior suddenly too. They must have just done an updated and introduced some bugs.

I had the same problem, you try to define the size of a text with data in a google sheet or aitable ?

It doesn’t work on Android for me it says font-size: “23”;
when it should be font-size:23

But it works on IOS

I also tried to create a new empty project, but the same problem happens

It works on iOS

Yes it is a mistake unfortunately we will not be able to do anything. Try to define the size of your text in another way.

Here is a link where I reported this error

Critical ERROR while updating property ‘fontSize’ in shadow node of type:RCTTextat · Issue #754 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

We will roll out a hotfix to address this Android crash issue. It will be early next week.


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@wei Hello, allow me to send you to this post if you haven’t seen it I’ve listed some of the errors in the data viewer list which also generates these errors…

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