Thunkable Live App has Bugs

Hi, from the last Update, in iOS version it’s not possible to use “Switch” as it cannot be interacted (as if it were disabled) and also appears in a different position than the one set. In Android Version works, also in Web Preview.

And also the Data Viewer List with customize Layout It is not displayed well… both in Live App iOS and Android.

The problem is also in the APK. If you can give me feedback as I should publish the app in these days and with this problem it’s not ok.

Hi @mattiafontana7, thanks for letting us know about this. I am working to recreate a simple version of your layout to reproduce this issue.

Is this the layout you are using when you have the issues with the switches showing up in the wrong place or going off of the screen?

Yes, How you can see, with the new version of the App, we have this problem… and also any type of switch it’s like disabled, so I can’t use it.
This is the App Updated at the Latest version in my iPhone 13 Pro, in my iPad Pro the App it’s not updated, and we don’t have any issue.

Thank you, @mattiafontana7! I will take a look at this more and see if I can get you an update on possible timing for a fix soon.

Please Can you fix it?
I have to publish the app and I can’t do it with this problem. Furthermore also the Data Viewer List with customize Layout It is not displayed well.
In Latest version of the app this is the situation:

But it should be like this (screenshot on iPad where I have not updated the app)

It is as if everything had moved upwards. In the date viewer list with standard layouts there are no problems, only in those with customize layout.
Please Fix it… Thanks

Please Can you Fix it??

@mattiafontana7 We have a ticket in with our engineering team for this. There have been a few other similar reports showing up today. I’ll update you here as we learn and figure out more.

Appreciate your patience!

I can confirm this bug also. I had thought it was just an issue in the live preview app but can now confirm the same problem happens when publishing to the App Store. @jared is already part of my test flight users, if you need to see it.

Any News about? Please it’s a Project of one Year, than I need to publish by the end of Feb. So it’s a big issue for me… Please let me know when you can Fix it, Thanks

@mattiafontana7 This has been acknowledged by our engineering team, we don’t have any updates or resolutions as of yet. I’ll update this thread once I receive any news.

Ok, so we have an update and a timeline: I would expect it to be at least a couple of more weeks before a fix can be released for this issue. This would include the time needed for implementation/review/QA/release as is standard for all our bug fixes.

Again I do apologize for the inconvenience. I’ll send more updates here as we progress.

Hi Conroy, I see in the last Update you Fix bugs about other parts, so I hope in the next update you solve also my problems (Switch Button and Data Viewer List with Custom Layout). Please let me know. Thanks

@mattiafontana7 The issue is not with your data viewer, it is with the switch component. We are working on a fix for that now. That will likely be released in the next couple of weeks.

@mattiafontana7 The fix for this issue has been sent out in our latest app release, that is pending Apple review now. It should be out in the next day or so. Please keep an eye out and make sure to update your iOS app to the latest version.

Hi, Ok the Switch now work, but I’ve always the problem of the Data viewer List with custom layout.

The list would be like this:

but now it’s like this:

Please can you fix also this part?? Because I write the same question 1 month ago and I’m very in delay with my work.


Hi @mattiafontana7! First, we are glad to see that the issue with the switch component is now working and displaying properly for you again!

In regards to your Data Viewer List, I think the issue here is not a bug but in the use of this component itself. Data Viewers are meant really to do only just that: present data. In this case, even with creating a custom component, the data viewer is being used for adding dynamic components and repeating actions. Because of that, this goes beyond what we can support.

A component that would be more appropriate for what you are trying to achieve here would be the Clone component. Using this component in this use case will help you achieve the desired results of your app much better than the Data View List.

Let us know how this works for you!

Hi, sorry but I need to use the component connected with firebase database… so with clone it’s very difficult to read and write the data from the database. With Tables it’s easy…
So, the question is, when I project this parts, this component works also with my use… so I suppose than can you restore like previous version…
Please let me know, because any data viewer list with custom layout with elements than need a scroll bar, have the same problem (and I use 5 in my project).
Let me know,

Hi, ok I find the method also for solve the problem of custom layout in Data View list.
It’s necessary to set a width of the list at 90% and not to 100%. In this way the list works ok.

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