Thunkable is not saving work [Nov 2022]

I have create space-invaders game on Thunkable, using canvas, but the work does not seem to save. I have tried it several times at different time periods, but it still does not save.

What is the issue?
You can see some of the blocks I have used on the pictures below.

What do you think it should be saving here?

The blocks?

Can you say a little more about what is happening? Are you dragging blocks onto the Blocks tab and then refreshing the browser page and the blocks are disappearing? Or is there something else going on?

I just drag the blocks onto the Blocks tab. Usually, when I close the browser tab with the project they save. But in this case they don’t save.

Hey @doffy_anon, sorry to hear you are having issues. Could you DM me the link to your project URL? I can take a look and see what is going on here.


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Good evening,

I am new to Thunkable, and I do not know how to message you. Could you message me, so I can reply to you? If you want I can send a link to my project here.

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