Thunkable companion error App Store rejection

My app got rejected the third time because 2 of 3rd time it gave a Thunkable companion error idk what to do and rejection for me so so demotivated

No one else knows what to do either based on the little information you have provided

Apple keeps getting Thunkable companion error when they open my app idk what more to tell you

Hi, @jxbclothes69gc7! :wave:

This must be that iOS13 error…

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Thanks! :blush:

I keep running into errors when I submit my app and get rejections I wanted to know if there is someone else who recently submitted their app to AppStore so i could know if it’s my app that’s causing an issue or everyone’s app thanks :slight_smile:

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I submitted an app around a month to two months ago. Quite a large app using Firebase and Airtable. No issues at all. I just had some trouble getting screenshots but that was easily solved.

What does your app do? Apple is quite particular about having working apps on their app store. So design wise, with thunkable X you will have a nice design, but the internals of the app could be letting you down. Are there a lot of complex procedures running at once, potentially causing a crash or the app to work incorrectly?


Are you using the webviewer component by any chance? If so, that could be the reason.


Yes what was your problem?

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I’m using web viewer yes but when I submitted very first time they told me I don’t have an Eula agreement and block / flag feature and it got rejected so i made changes put these things submitted new version and after that version they say everytime they open my app they get Thunkable companion error

My app is getting Thunkable companion error !!!

Hi @jxbclothes69gc7

Can you share some more details on your apps content/blocks or share a copy of your project? On which iPhone and iOS version did you try it yourself? If you want you can also generate a download link and share it with me via PM and I will check if there is any issue running the app on my iOS devices running iOS 13.2 and 13.1

Best, Chris

@Deluxe It is that true? Web Viewer can’t be used in IOS?

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Yes. But it’s only if you use just a webviewer.

I published my App in IOS in October 10, 2019, And I published the last actualization a week ago (like October 28 I think

Omg I m making an App with a lot of Web Viewers… The structure of the app are basically web viewers…
Could I use it just if it be just a component?

The thing is that Apple “hates” webviews as those imply that the app you are building is basically an icon for a webpage, even if it is not. In my case, removing the webview elements and resubmitting helped but that does not mean that Apple rejects ALL apps that have webviews. Just sharing my experience.

Btw, since your app is basically webviews, are you really sure you should be building an app?



Hi @Leito, make sure you familiarise yourself with Apple’s guidelines if you’re hoping to publish in their App Store


Thanks Dom!