Thunkable Cloud Vars Overlapping?

Something very, very weird happened while I was coding my game today. I was adding a set chat function to my game, where it was basically if you clicked a button, you said what was on the button, there was only 3 buttons: GG, Well done!, and Come Here!, so you could only say those 3 things. But as I was setting up the cloud part, A message appeared in chat:
“Auxiliya - Hello”
This was really weird because 1. This was impossible due to the code, and 2. I coded it so it was ordered [Chat] - [Name].
2 Messages appeared over the next half hour.
“Rin:Hello -”
“Prash:Hai -”

Anyone got an answer for what is going on?
The only thing I could think of is that somehow my cloud var got entangled with someone else’s.

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Are you using your own firebase server?

When you use cloud variables you have to distinguish between two situations.

  • If you have supplied your own Firebase credentials then the cloud variables are private to your app and no one else could use them without you allowing them.
  • The other condition is when using cloud variables without supplying Firebase credentials. In this case you will be sharing the common Thunkable cloud with other developers and if you happen to use the same variable name then you can echo each other,

Can you make sure you are not using the second situation.

If however, you use your own Firebase credentials make sure you are not using the same cloud variables you used for your chat app because it means you are sharing the variables with both apps.


@muneer @lukehoogenboom0i No, I am using the Thunkable Cloud Vars

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Cloud vars are powered by Firebase.
If you DO NOT fill in all the credentails for firebase.
You get connected to Thunkable their firebase server.
Wich can cause your Problem.

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@muneer anticipated your problem, so i guess you can mark this post as solved by him :wink: