Thunkable Classic ( and Android 8 / API 26 / SDK 26


@Ratthanin how did you do the app for ios by integrating onesignal? did you use Thunkable X? I have a simple app for Android that I would like to duplicate for IOS but I can not handle push notifications … can you help me?


Installed now, wait for testing ty


I built with Xcode not thunkable x


Ready for testing, app installed


Installed! Waiting for the test ! thanks @wei for your work!


App installed! Waiting for the test!


I just sent out a new push. Please check your phone if you receive it :slight_smile:






Perfect, thank you !


Thanks to everyone who helped in testing. I will release this fix to as soon as possible, hopefully by today.



Thank you very much, the best gift for new year.
And I hope we can also have a function to get player ID. :slight_smile:


What do you mean by player id?


I think you will update thunkable for fix onesignal notification issue, nothing about oncesignal extension but I just would like someone to add a get playerID function.

The major benefit of push notification is pushing message to the specific user, not everyone in segment (like a broadcast message to users). Unless we can get playerID with onesignal extension like a native app ( Xcode, Android Studio) can do, it seems to be not so useful

please read this topic


The release is out in production ( and it seems it is working well -



Thank you so much, Wei. It works great now.


Are you talking about this?


Yes I am. The most wanted feature in OneSignal Extension. To get player ID
Please read this,

1. Gather the Player ID.

When OneSignal is initialized in your application, we provide methods and observers to retrieve the user’s OneSignal Player ID. Use these to save the users’ OneSignal Player ID to your server.

Each of our mobile SDKs has a GetPermissionSubscriptionState method and subscriptionObserver to get the Player ID, please see the Mobile SDK documentation for more information.


We can get that into our next release. Thanks for the suggestion!



Thank you very much, Wei. ^.^