Thunkable Classic ( and Android 8 / API 26 / SDK 26


I have the same problem with onesignal. It works right up to android 7, android 8 get error and app crashes when is in background. The message works right if app is running. Onesignal tell me to speak with thunkable team :sweat_smile:
Thanks .


this silence is worrying, I have only mistaken argument or there are no answers about it?


I’m sorry if I mentioned several people in my post, I just asked the help of the “experts” who had commented before


This is something that we are working on at the moment. Hopefully we will have some updates to share in the next few days.

Contact One signal

Thanks @Arun, I look forward to updates


We are waiting for and thanks for all your work :+1:


Hi there, I’m looking into this and find hard to reproduce. If you can provide some sample crash log from your users and it will be really helpful! Thanks


Thanks I will try but I think it’s hard. App and one signal works fine when I test live with thankable (because app is open) , the problem is when I download the app and send a message (when app is closed) , my device with android 8 show the default message of app crashed. If app is opened massage appears correctly on the screen. Down to android 8 works good

With app opened works fine

With app closed or in background this is the only message we can detect


I have this problem

Your app currently targets API level 25 and must target at least API level 26 to ensure it is built on the latest APIs optimized for security and performance. Change your app’s target API level to at least 26


got the problem here too, notification window is looking ugly also.


I’ve been suffering from the same issue since August. I lost a lof of users because of that and stopped using the onesignal component. Here are screenshots of Stack traces


Sorry @solo now that you no longer use onesignal have you stopped using notifications or have you found alternative ways? I have the same problem and above all I should develop something that is compile also for iOS


Unfortunately, I don’t use notifications anymore which is really bad because it was an important feature in my apps. I wish they would fix the problem of Onesignal very soon!


I believe I have a reasonable fix. Can you share your OneSignal App ID with me? I can build the apk and send it back to you for testing.

Please email it to me at [email protected]



Thank you! I sent you my app ID by email.


I believe I fixed the bug/crash in Android OS 8 and above. If you have a phone with Android OS 8, can you install the apk below and put it on the background? I want to send you a push notification :slight_smile:

Here is the apk link -



Works well for me anyway. Can anyone else verify?



Sorry @wei, it means that the bug on the component has been fixed or only on the @Domhnall app?


My phone is Huawei P20 Android 8


Hi @Ratthanin, you need to install @wei’s test app so we can confirm that the new update is working.