Thunkable Classic ( and Android 8 / API 26 / SDK 26


Hey friends,

We just rolled out a new release which has the Android apps to target at API level 26 (Android 8.0).

In order to support API level 26, we had to make changes to some of our components and add support libraries. These updates are still pretty new and we are expecting bugs, especially if your app is using any third-party extension.

We are planning to fix bugs as soon as we find them.

Thank you for staying with us during this transition period.

Thunkable Team

August 7 2018 Update:

We just shipped a new release to the production servers and you need a new companion (v340). The latest release fixed the following -

Button background none color should be transparent now
Setting the app theme to classic won’t crash the app
Thunkable Team

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Thats a great news but while I was in middle of making my app, It turned in a different look. Some of new feature is most needed and some are too bad for my app concept.


Thanks a lot for the release guys! Been waiting to release a new app since they changed the API level requirement. Much appreciated!

If they aren’t noticed already, I’ve found a couple of issues:

  • The updated Thunkable app doesn’t download apk from QR codes (but you can copy the link into a browser)
  • The “Classic” theme seems to crash apps on opening


I have noticed a change. Color theme of notifier dialog is now white and text is in pink. Is there anyway I can change it?


OMG. Great improvements - You guys are awesome!


You can use the App Inventor companion to scan the QR code and install your apk.


Thank you very much for solving this problem


Updated two of my apps on Google Play, had to change some colors in my apps who were set to default first. Had to change the colors of the statusbar but after that everything worked as before. :thumbsup:


Thanks for letting us know!


Thanks for the note. I am able to reproduce these issues. We’ll try to see how to resolve them quickly.


thanks a lot brother .give u a special kiss for u and arun sir.thanks


I have similar problems, background color ‘none’ does not seem to work. I opened an issue on GitHub


I was in between of building an app. The Background colour none is not working for buttons and its showing white… pls resolve


Hi Team.

List_picker = Default Color button is Purple Color.
Time Picker: is Distorcioned with new format?

in others screen show clasic Clock… how can i show a unique clock in all screen?


Is there a timeline for Thunkable X apk files being API 26 too?


I’ve noticed one color related issue too. Whenever I tried to change text color of label,button to black it automatically changes to default. It always changes to default. Problem comes when the theme is set to device default,then the color varied from white and black on different devices.


Please Add Custom Package Name Feature in Thunkable.


Hello Team,

After API upgrade. Would you mind review why all buttons with colors-none are reverted to white bg colors.

Thanks in Adv



After this recent upgrade I besides the already mentioned problems with colors and shadows I also noticed a discrepancy in sizing for some components (labes a buttons in particular). Even though I set them to fill parent or put 10 in row and set each to 10%, they overflow a non scrollable arrangement. Might be a similar issue as experienced B_Hdez.