Thunkable Classic ( and Android 8 / API 26 / SDK 26


Problems comes when we open another screen that time white screen appear…




Surely this is a great good news but can you add another feature for copying screen?


thank u so much


Post in thunkable x categorie, not here.


Thanks for updating the platform…

Is it still possible to get a spinner as a drop down menu instead of a pop up ?
Or update the spinner to control font size or font colour?


Same problem


@Elliot_Pick Thanks for reporting the crash issue. I created a Github issue here. I was able to reproduce it with the “Classic” theme. In the meantime, you can try other themes. We will try to fix it asap. You can follow the Github issue for status update.



The Thunkable app still can scan the qr code and download app for me. Can you uninstall, install the app and try again?


E1101 error when installing

@thunker You can change the color by selecting the component on the right panel and the background color and text color should popup. See the following screenshot -



I wasn’t be able to reproduce it. Can you create a simple project which can reproduce it? please share it here or send it to me privately.



I was able to reproduce the issue related to the button background color is being white, while it should be transparent. We are discussing it internally now we will let you know if we have a solution/fix.



please check webview notwork


Already tried it but it doesnt work. Like the previous build it works for alerts only,not for dialog boxes. I found a solution.IMG_20180807_081215. You can change the color of cancel and exit by changing “accent color” in screen 1. You can also change color of “Do you want to exit” by changing theme in screen 1 as well. Still couldnt found way to change dialog box color.


I wasn’t be able to reproduce the issue which you described. Can you send me a simple aia which show the web viewer doesn’t work?



candratravel.aia (159.3 KB)


PM you, please check.



@andika6939 I was able to reproduce the webview issue in Android 8.0. I will release a fix tomorrow. thanks !



Thank you. But I could still waitbfor a stable update we still have two months until November 1.


Love the new update! Looks nice! There are some issues with the File component, though. I encounter “runtime error sdcard exposed beyond app through ClipData.Item.getUni()” which I think might be related to the file:/// vs content:/// change for the new API level.