Thunkable Classic ( and Android 8 / API 26 / SDK 26


@andika6939 there are several things you can try in the API/SDK 26 release. First, you don’t need the following blocks on each screen and you can remove them -


then for the web viewer component on each screen, you can set the height to 100% or uncheck the Scrollable property in the screen.

Let me know if that works!



@thunker Do you want to change the white box to a different color (red, green, pink) box?



I think the current release is pretty stable. Do you want to give it a try and let us know if there is any issue?



@thunkableuser Can you send me a simple aia file which demonstrate issue? and which Android OS (6, 7, 8) are you experiencing the issue?



Thank you so much for your help me, this work


test_for_wei.aia (1.9 KB)

The Android OS is 7


@wei hi!!!
Some questions…

  1. the latest companion is having an issue when changing any property or is it something that I only have?
    The app never restarts properly…
    I have a multi arrangement app to mimic multiple screens. On any change I get something like…

  1. I hope the team gets soon a solution on the buttons background issue.
    BTW it is the same with date picker…
    I attach 2 images to understand better how bad it looks…



  1. Spinner component issues

i. Is it possible to have some properties for font size? (Or any other of the properties other components have…)

ii. Could there be an option to get the older drop down menu somehow?

iii. If the pop-up is the new way spinner elements are displayed then the drop down arrow should not exist, or replace it by a right arrow or something similar.
Also the option buttons on the pop-up are they really needed?

Thanx 4 reading… :wink:

New update guide

August 7 2018 Update:

We just shipped a new release to the production servers and you need a new companion (v340) app. The latest release fixed the following -

  1. Button background none color should be transparent now
  2. Setting the app theme to classic won’t crash the app

Thunkable Team


So i have to remove go home block and try it ok i will try




I will take a look tomorrow.



Can you PM or email ([email protected]) your aia file?


button background color none not making transparent instead its making it white.


I don’t know if it’s a bug or a normal rule that i don’t know :joy:

It’s an example of a procedure I used in a new project . I used the 2 way but as you can see, after append block ,the new list is ok ( ABC+DEF) but also list1 change .
If I use the 1 way it works right as i want .


is it in the built app or are you using the companion (v340)?


Its normal created app. I tried both by doing background none as well same color as bar. Nothing making it invisible. only in white and black color it works.


See the highlighted buttons it looks horrible. Please fix this problem as soon as possible. unable to upload app because of this.


So i tried it today but encountered this problem . My app was made with or now called classic " not from Beta. I did not "export " or 'imported " the keystore, i did not mess with the aia file by downloading and uploading it back to Thunkable. And lastly i did not use the Google Play app signing. So why i encountered this error because i was able to update my app before this new update. Please help.


Do you login with a different account? Can you post your Google Play Store app listing page?


Is that part of the title bar or something?