Thunkable Classic ( and Android 8 / API 26 / SDK 26


Thank you so much Wei!


We just did a new release and it has a new method in the OneSignal component to access the User ID. Please try it out and let us know your feedback! The latest companion app version is v3.52.


Push notification device id
Push notification device id

WOW, It’s perfect, works like magic

before app open

after app opened and user signed in, update new player id to firebase , so server can push notification to the specific device.

Thank you so much , I’ve been waiting for years. :smile:


onesignal is not working in the background for me


Help me

my android phone has version 4.1
and my thunakble apps is not installed becuse my mobile phone under 15 api level,


hi my name is Babar
my android phone is not accept and not open and thunkable apps who i creates.becuase my mobile api level 15 so please give me solution


Upgrade android or your phone.