Thunkable Bluetooth Example

Newbie to Thunkable but have been successful with App Inventor 2 using Bluetooth. I am not been able to find a complete tutorial on using BLE in Thunkable x since it is different than what I am use to (and from Thunkable Classic). I thought I could open my app inventor app and just recreate in Thunkable but that is not a 1 to 1 straight forward task.
I need to open my app, list Bluetooth connections available, select and connect and receive data from Arduino. I would bet that someone has gone down this path already and could provide an example I could work from. I have searched the Public Library but haven’t found one that matches my needs.

Thanks in advance for anything help you may offer.

I am sad that no one has any advice on this topic for me yet. Did I approach my request incorrectly? If so, I apologize. I am guessing that someone has successfully been down this Bluetooth x road before me. I learn best from seeing other’s examples. Spent lots of time on youtube learning Arduino stuff. Hoped for help from the community…

I made this for you. You may find it useful. Sharing is currently not working, so I can’t share the app now. Maybe I’ll try later so you can remix:


Thanks, Patrick! I’d take it if you have the app also, I appreciate it. Happy Holidays!

Hello all,
I’m trying to connect my (Android phone) to my iMac with BLE. Is this possible?

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The Bluetooth device you are trying to connect to must be at least compatible to Bluetooth Specification version 4. It should also have a characteristic UUID with READ mode.

I have a bluetooth USB adapter which should in theory mean it can connect to bluetooth 4.0… I think.

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Apple uses a slightly different specification and sometimes you only need to supply part of the UUID and therefore I will not be able to give you more details as I use Windows.

Aha, thanks, that’s good to know.

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