Thunkable app with Airtable DB integration failed to upload data to Airtable from app

here I wanted to upload my data from thunkable application to Airtable DB.But i worked once upon a time when I initially used this same integration for the first time .But It failed to work for the subsequent projects.And It shows an Error message that INVALID API KEY While connecting my Airtable DB with Thunkable App.Kindly Helpme to do this perfect.

My Specs:
App should upload the data to Airtable .When long click the button it should initiate the creation of row then make a sound to confirm the creation of row on Airtable the Places the data on the created row.Actually it worked well only for the first time Then after refuses to work well

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I moved your post over to Thunkable Discuss, since I think this is Thunkable X, not Classic.

I suggest checking that you have your API key correctly entered for these new projects. This page shows you how to set up Airtable, including finding and entering your API key:

Airtable - Thunkable Docs (you probably already have an Airtable account, so you can login rather than making a new account in the first part).


Hi there,

If you were able to connect to your Airtable DB and get this block, I would think that your API key is correct.

I can see that you have field ‘Total Quantity’ and ‘Total Amount’ that you are using a Text block to initialize. What data type are each of your fields in your Airtable DB?


Customer Name:One and Only String
Then the rest are Float values.
input 1:String (Name)
input 2:Float value1 (Assume “a”)
input 3:Float value2 (Assume “b”)

When clicking Calculate Button ,
Output 1: Shows value of a+b

When Long Clicking Calculate Button ,
The values from
input 1 ,
input 2,
input 3,
Output 1, Then
the Cost of the Product calculated at the block level code in backend side
should be uploaded to Airtable DB.

Note: Actually, I worked for the very first time No I am facing this error.

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I don’t think Float is a field type in Airtable. What data type are each of your fields in your Airtable DB?

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