🚨 Thunkable App Accelerator Program

Hey Thunkers :wave:

No code tools can make it simple to bring ideas to life but learning a new platform can be difficult. That is why we are launching our App Accelerator Program. We want to help your business build an app by making you a Nocode expert on Thunkable. Apply today! :rocket:

Let’s go!


Great! Can you do this for normal Thunkers, too? Like the tech for good Dublin program that @domhnallohanlon hosted. Would be great to have that around once every 2 weeks for existing Thunkers.


Couple of typos:

The App Accelerator program is a new initiative from Thunkable to helps businesses bring their vision of building an app to life. Thunkable will provide dedicated support with direct access to our experts, unlimited storage, unlimited projects, 1:1 coaching, and personalized training for your team so you can become nocode app development experts. Our goal is to help you bring your business app to life.

We want to make your Apps happen!

*Please note: Only candidates that are actively be building a business or have an established company will be considered for this round of selection. Product licenses and consulting fees may be required.


A teacher cannot forget being a teacher :white_check_mark:


Can you have some more detailed information?
thank you

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How do we get the 1:1 coaching, not so much as FAQ? Can we purchase time from experts, I’d be willing to pay?

:face_with_monocle: whatcha wanna build!?

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I’m willing to pay for anyone who can come up with an elegant upload solution for large video files. Some kind of background uploading so people can still use the app while the upload is in process. Or even a background solution that starts up when the app is no longer being used or asleep.