Thunkable and spreadsheet with formula

i have a spreadsheet connected with thunkable.
This Spreadsheet has header on first row and formula(cell E2) on second row.
Formula, on cell E2, is obtained combining data from cells on second row, and these data arrive from thunkable app. After i have to get the output value inside cell E2 and send it to thunkable.

If i use update it works perfectly. But my question/problem is: if two people, almost simultaneously, try to use it maybe it could be give a synchronazing problem.
I thought to copy formula(E2) on all the column and use a create row in order to give, to different users, different output but extending formula it creates 0,0 output before data arrives and command crete row occupies an empty line without formula.
How can i solve this problem?

Thank to all in advance

Sounds like you need a database and not a spreadsheet. Using a back end like xano might be a good starting point for your project.

Spreadsheets with formulas are not meant to be used on apps that have multiple users… The issue you’re talking about with con currency of users is absolutely real, and will be detrimental to the functioning of your app. Should it ever start to have more than just you using it.

Additionally, you should consider doing some of that formula work client side if possible

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