[Solved]Copy data from one column to other column

I want to know if the following is possible in thunkable x

I have treid app scripts, but it does niot work.
In my google sheet I have a Formula that adds data to column “I” so how can I just copy the value from “I” to “J” so “J” will just be normal data with no formula in it.

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Thank you, will try that, and let you know if it did work for me.

I did try, but do not work, i did to use it in diffrent places, but still not copy it to column

The update value block needs to go inside the create row block’s “do” section so that it happens after the row is created.

I did add it in the [do]

part of create row, but still not working

But you’re using 1 as the row id. When the row is created, unless the spreadsheet is empty, you won’t want to use row #1. Replace the 1 with the “number of rows in data source” block.

Sorry I do not understand you, if I add a new row, must I use that row’s number, if so must I then every time change the row number for next one.

No. You just use the “Number of rows” block in the Data Sources drawer. That block will always return a number representing the number of rows in the data source.

You can find out more in the Data Sources section of the Thunkable documentation.

Thank you