Thoughts on screen setup for use case?

This is what I’m trying to create. After on boarding a user hits the weekly workout screen where there are 4 total weeks of workouts.

Within each week there is a list of 7 days. The date should display based on the workout start date that is set from onboarding.

Let’s say i click 12/12/22 in this Week 1 Workout section. The screen would take me to the workout for that specific day.

My question is:

Would I create screens for each week and each day with the workouts


2. Is there a better way to dynamically do this? With using 1 screen for weeks and 1 screen for workouts for whatever day is chosen.

The spreadsheet has calculations for example Drop Pick It Ups takes the value from onboarding and adds 2 each day for 7 days So if the drop pick it ups were set at 15, the second day would display 17 and the third 19, and so on.

Then on day 7 there is a retest set of questions which mimics the onboarding form and week 2 results are generated based on that day 7 retest.

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Not using admob, so I wouldn’t be the person to ask. I have no clue how those work.

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