This was what I was referring to

Google launched, flutterFlow now if we can create apps by drag and drop and the platform generates the source code

This is what I mean, thunkable should launch an update similar to flutterFlow, FlutterFlow allows us to create applications and gives us the possibility to download the source code, so if we want to download the source code we will have to pay a membership
code for Android / iOS

With this option it allows us to learn from the code of our app that we create

i am sue that is not gonna happen as thunkable is a total drag and drop and thunkable is also a lot unique
and even in flutterflow only ui part is drag and drop not coding part…use you your creativity and brain u can mke any thing (ur app idea) on thunkable

of course that’s the good thing about thunkable, it has almost no limits when it comes to creating apps. But hey I had a hope that something like this would happen :sweat_smile:

i expored the platform… it is even hard then thunkable and app inventor … i think you shalll have some time with thunkable…

app inventor allows you to download the source code.
that’s where my question arose if it was possible, but well, hopefully in the future this is possible, in the same way I am very satisfied with thunkable

look at giving it in java project, download the zip file with the code
and you can import it in android studio

here you will have to decompile your app

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