The Last Square

The name of the game explains the rules. How far can you get? A real infinite game. There’s no end programmed. It will keep getting harder indefinitely.
Inspired by one of the puzzles in Yellow.


Great game. The only bug i found was that the music doesn’t stop when i go back to the main screen. So it keeps playing in the background.

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Very nice game and concept.

I’ve found a bug which lets you get unlimited points, though:

Just keep clicking on the first square that pops up and the points keep adding on.


What font did you use (if not secret). Raleway?

It’s the Roboto Thin font included in Thunkable.

Oh ok, thank you.

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Wow! Seems like I didn’t test it enough, lol. Thanks for finding that.

Thanks for finding that too. I’ll fix it.

I won ! :innocent:

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Ok i loose…


Updated. Thanks to everyone for trying it. If you have any suggestions to make it better, please let me know.

The sound stills keeps playing when i go to the mainscreen of my phone with the homebutton.

Aren’t you check “foreground”?

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Nice game.

Seems to be resolved.

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:wink: :sunglasses: :wink:

Please, encrypt always your data if you store it locally :sweat_smile:


you killed the game…

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What for? It’s just a simple game to pass time. It uses a normal TinyDB component to save the score. Go ahead, be a “hacker” if it makes you feel happy. :grin:
Thanks for trying and letting me know though.

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It’s not checked. In my device it stops playing when I exit. Weird.

So, you got the updated version and it still keeps playing after exiting?

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