Memory Squares - #OpenSource Game

Memory Squares is another app I made in AppInventor, and was actually the last app I made before I moved to Thunkable. It’s a little game where you have to repeat the pattern it gives you, and it gets longer every round.

Where it’s avaliable

The AIA is here: Memory_Squares_Game.aia (<300 KB)

It’s also on Google Play here: Currently Unpublished…

No credit is required for my code, feel free to do whatever you want with it. Redistribute it to any app store, make money off of it, I don’t care. It’s all yours. :slight_smile:


You should use your Dice app to advertise for your other apps

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@tysonseable can i modify this and upload it to the playstore cuz there is some sound’s in this app so i hope using this sound won’t get my account suspend.

It’s like CC0 license
PS: @tysonseable your app isn’t available here in Germany :frowning:

Yes you can upload it to google play. The sounds are properly credited inside the ‘about app’ section.

Sorry, I removed it from my developer account. I’ll get rid of the link.

@tysonseable Thanks Buddy…!

@tysonseable whats the use of firebase db in this??

It doesn’t use Firebase, however it does use a TinyDB to locally store the notes.

@tysonseable why did u unpublished it?

I’ve unpublished many of my apps because I had too many. Also I need to remake the UI on a bunch of them.