Memes Maker App - My app on playstore

Hey guys i developed this app using app inventor. its about making memes.

Kindly Rate the app for support if you guys like it .

App link :

Users can create innovative memes using the app. Some features of the app :slight_smile:

  1. I can add unlimited number of memes material in the app . The app is connected to firebase and any number of categories and number of memes can be added in the app without putting new update.

  2. The app is fast and smooth with good UI

  3. users can share the meme on social platforms.

and much more…

here are some screenshots of the app :

Thanks to all extension developers and Thunkable team for support :slight_smile:


@Hitesh How were u able to update content dynamically…can u show some of your blocks…


well…thats the main part of the app which i cant expose…almost took me a month to develop that algorithm.
I can sell u the aia file if u want

Just a small question, was there any specific reason for scribbling out the Memes in the Play store screenshots. I mean, they really have a huge negative impact on your store presence.

yeah, that looks really terrible… I personally would definitely not download that…

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I hate to say it but your app really does not work well and has quite some problems:


you could easily do that by using @Taifun’s Textbox extension and a few blocks:


Of course if you where using more than just one text item you would have to store its data and recreate it after the Canvas.Clear procedure :wink:

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can i get aia file of this apk

If you want to buy the .aia just send Hitesh a message:

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sir whats the rate

just send him a message - how should I know? but as I wrote in an earlier post - for me the app has a lot of bugs and is not working properly therefor idk why one would want to buy it :man_shrugging:t4:

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hey man just text me on 8744958220 and will let u know the rate.

well this is definitly not the way to make my app dynamic

thanks for the feedback. i appreciate and will correct them

I did not write it was, I just wrote you can easily do it like this :wink:

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I searched the forum and got the easiest way to update content dynamically…I even started working with some API’s…Thanks @Chris For Replying…

Hi just want to know why your app is no longer available ?