The "app variable" block does not work in latest Live version on Android 8.1

I am often asked why I do not use blocks of global app variables? I answer that their work is personally incomprehensible to me. But there are situations when they do not work at all.

Below is a block that on my device does not show data (_end - _start) in Label.


Any chance there’s some type mismatching going on here?

No, if you replace the app count variable with a parameter from a function, then 1 million iterations occur in 4.5 seconds.

According to my calculations, the app block in the figure should execute in 90 seconds. But I think that either the complexity of the algorithm for the operation of the app block is not linear and grows like O(n squared), or something inside the work of this block breaks and this breaks the program flow.

What happens if you set “app count” to “i” instead of 0, and have a label assigned to display its value?
(Although I have a hunch the actual display is not going to run at a rate that shows all the values, the screen refresh running at a much lower pace).
Does it get updated at all?

After changing 0 to variable i, the data was updated after 124 seconds. Changed the variable back to 0 - 98 seconds. The reason is simple - updating the variable too long. Theoretically, the app block works, but it works so slowly that it’s hard to call it work. I think that in fact the app block is not a variable, but an object in which everything works almost as slowly as in components. But then this need to somehow indicate this in the help. Otherwise, this confuses novice users. Many people know that variables work quickly, but with respect to the app block, this is completely different…