TextInput covered by keyboard


Wondered if someone could help.

Each time I create a TextInput and preview it, when clicking on the input area the keyboard fully covers the area in which the user would type.

Is there a fix for this?

Hi @mauk,

Can you let us know what UI components you are using (and what devices you are testing on) so that we can try and replicate this behaviour?


Hi I am having the same issue :thinking: Thought I would reply here instead of creating a new topic!

Here are screenshots:

I clicked on the Tax on holiday pay input. This happens. I have the column that all of the widgets are inside of set to scroll able and fit contents.

Slightly unsure what to do!

Would much appreciate some help on this.


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Hi there,
Is it live testing?Please download it.
Downloaded will not having this issue.

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My problem is the opposite of this, everytime I open my keyboard everything goes up, and the buttons and TextInputs get messy :confused:
Just like this:

Cause keyboard appears as a component was added,so resulting in those components’ margin are messy?

No, the margin is okay, I think…