Text input width within row container displays incorrectly on web

If a text input component is added to the screen and the width is set to fill container, the text input expands to fill the screen on both the android thunkable live app and the live test. If a text input is then moved to a row component which is also set to fill container width, the text input correctly expands to fill the screen in the android thunakble live app, but does not expand in live test.

Is anyone else having this issue?



Hi, did you get any wiser regarding this? I do also run into this… Is it a bug or was it anything you did (me also) incorrectly to have it viewed like this?

This is the old UI? Try 100% instead of ‘fill container’.

Is there a new UI? :blush:
Actually I tried that but I can try again…


I wasn’t recommending the new UI. I was just offering a suggestion that only works on the old UI.

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I understand. I just didn’t know there was a new UI? Or an old…

How do I know which one I use?

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See your project title. If it is located in the middle of the top of your design screen then you are using the new UI.

There are many differences but this is the most obvious.

Ok thanks. I will check then but I believe it is located at the top of my components (the left side module)
But I will have a check.

How can I do to try the new UI if so? I am curious :blush:

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If it is at the top of the component pane then you are using the old (aka Legacy or Snap to place or Snap to grid).

Ok then I am using the old one. What’s the main different between the new and old? Are there big differents? Is the new available for free Thunkable accounts? Are you guys using the old or new?

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When you create a new project, just tick where it says “Try it out”. This is still in Beta and you should expect bugs in it but the team is continuously enhancing it.

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:+1: I will test…


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