Text input border/alignment: Can anyone help center this?


I have been trying and trying to get a quiz score to align centrally inside its border. I’ve been the through the design settings from top to bottom and can’t see, or have missed the setting to work the magic.

Please help!

The text is 80pts but the border appears disproportionally large for some reason too…but this happens ONLY in Android. In iOS the border fits the content as intended.

Hey @penny welcome to the community! :wave:

This seems strange - from your screenshot it looks like you’ve installed your app on an Android device, right?

What margin and padding settings are you using here?

Is your label sized in pixels or %?

Hi Dom and thanks,

Zero padding and border. Label sized in %.

I thought no one was going to answer this question so I did a workaround without a border in the end.

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Thanks @penny - glad to hear you got a version up and running anyway.