How to align the text of a circular button?

I created a circular button with the help of a Thunkable Community Post. After I have created the button, the text alignment of the button is top. I can’t change it to center.
Please Help.

This is a known issue: Button font size changes vertical alignment · Issue #778 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

I suggest you comment on the GitHub post so that it gets more traction.

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Interesting. I follow the steps to reproduce the issue as described on GitHub but the text is aligned vertically in the center of the button on both my iOS and Android devices despite the Thunkable Editor showing it at the top of the button. Both width and height are set to “Fit contents”.

@mdalahi2007xv can you share your button settings?


Thank you so much.

Sure! Here are the screenshots of the button settings. You can also check it out here- Thunkable

@mdalahi2007xv it will seems vertical on the Thunkable editor, but it is center-aligned during web test and live test. Could you check?

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Exactly. Always check on the device. Never trust what you see in the designer or in the web version of your app. That is why i said

in my earlier message.

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