Testing vs. Project Page Issues

Hello friends! I have a strange issue to do with clones and them not working correctly on the project details page, but fine during testing?

This image is what it looks like in testing (how it’s supposed to).

This image is what it looks like in the Project Detail Page.

Cloned buttons simple do not work, neither do images.

This image is the code that makes the labels. The bold nor the italics appear on the Project Page.
Any ideas for fixes? Any ideas for how it’s happening?
Please let me know.

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I’m not sure what you mean by “The Project Detail Page” and “testing”. There are several ways to preview/test projects:

  1. Preview in browser
  2. Live Test/Preview in Thunkable Live app on mobile device
  3. Download as mobile app
  4. Publish as Web App

There are some problems with #1 not working properly so I’m curious if it’s working for you in #2, #3 or #4?

If possible, provide a link to your project. There are many things that could make your blocks not work properly. The first I can think of is a loop that doesn’t provide enough time to create components. In that case, a Wait 0 seconds block can help or possibly something longer in duration such as Wait 0.03 seconds. But I can’t tell what other blocks you’re using from your screenshot.

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Hello @jonathonschnoor6x4b5

Please check out this example. it features some best practices at the moment as it relates to cloning in StP!



I believe he is referring to the action in the Project page to take you to a Project Detail page

I can confirm that the preview in that page acts differently and for me the screen did not show up at all.


Here is the project: Thunkable

@muneer was correct, I meant the Project Details Page when you click on the triple dot icon on a project. By testing, I mean the web app and the live test and the Preview.

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Thank you for this, but I’m actually not using the clone block, I’m using the create block.

Sorry, I didn’t even realize you could preview your projects from the Project Detail Page. I rarely look at that page.

So it works as a web app, when live tested on a mobile device and when previewed in a browser? If that’s the case, I wouldn’t worry about the Project Detail Page. It might be worth submitting a bug report but otherwise, no one is very likely to see that page.


Ok, thank you.

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