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@pavi2410, Thanks for work, but if you modify FloatingActionButton formula, you also have to modify FontSize & Header height formulas, I may use my own formulas until you change those formulas too. Also, you should update a new version. I have added Screen Gestures extension.



These are the only blocks which I used. So it affects nothing


No, it does affect FontSize Formula & Header height Formula! Can you test this project with Companion & send me some screenshots.


I played with it.


@pavi2410 No! Thats the problem, Activity must have ActionBar! I will still stick with my made formula.


Then we can subtract its height. That’s it!


Can you do it? Cause I gotta go to work with my Arduino!


Ok, everyone, any questions? If you need to ask something about these templates, just do it!


Perhaps making templates with responsive sizing…


it’s a great idea! thank you!:grin:


Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who downloaded any of my template & used it. I would like to find out what projects did you make with a help of these templates. *** **DONATION LINK: https://www.paypal.me/moliata**


Actually guys, I got 30+ likes & 300+ downloads! Guys, you are hitting it! Great job, happy thunking.


P.S: If someone is missing a post, where templates are, they are here:


Excellent work @ILoveThunkable! I still want to use one of these… :grinning:


News: Amazing! All templates has been downloaded 20+ times (except Fullscreen Activity :frowning:)


Note: when I will have sometime, I will create a new template (as Android Studio released a new activity too).
Called: Bottom Navigation Bar activity


Wow I only just discovered these templates, fantastic work @ILoveThunkable


Guys, I just want to thank everyone who used any of my template. This topic got about 35 likes with over 450 downloads and this topic is in the top category. Plus, this topic earned 1.4k views. That is amazing guys. Thank you so much everyone! Happy Thunking.

If someone is missing, the place where all of templates are.


We can just say THANKS to YOU, for making things easier for us and get better look in our apps


This is just awesome. My question is: how did you make these templates?