Create Templates for Student use?


I want to create template projects with pre-loaded media for students.

I can build a sample project and share the project page. I can instruct students to make a copy, but Im concerned they will use the template.

Is there a way to create a template where students cant modify the original?


Create a layout template as an image

I’m a bit confused about what you’re trying to do here @rothmana?

You want to show them how the app should work, but you want them to create the functionality themselves? Maybe you could create a quick demo video?


The goal is to provide a starter project template for each student with the media loaded as a basis for completing a full project.

Im concerned the process of finding and uploading media to a new project will be a distraction/barrier for some students.

Right now, Im trying to set-up the “I have a dream” project from Dave Wolbers old App Inventor curriculum. I want students to start with a project that has images and sounds already loaded.

What I found was that using the link provided by the share button from within the app project is one approach, but the link only lasts 60 days.

I tried copying and pasting the project url- when I opened in a different browser with a different account, I got the “The project read only- click to remix” message–> which is ideal.

Let me know if you know/find a smoother process for distributing starter projects to students.


Glad to hear you have a solution…but I think that might only work for PRO users? (Not sure if your students have PRO licences or not?)

In terms of sharing a project, the new way we recommend is to use the project page URL. These are unique to each project too, but they have the added benefit of not expiring. For example:

Hope that helps.

Yes- project page url + making a copy works perfectly! Thank you!