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i don’t know of this might help. I had also problems with fontsizes. I used Taifun’s Toolsextension.

The method.

I used this formula and it solved my problems on different phones.

In the designer the fontsize is 16 and looks likes this.

In my app it looks like

This looks the same on phones with a HD screen or on a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime with a screensize of 540 x 960 pixels.


If I would use this method, I would have to change other formulas too. Can you replace my font size formula with yours and see if it works?


@ILoveThunkable Nice Work done. keep it up bro


I tried but couldn’t get it done. In one instance it looked better on my phone but not on another one. Sorry.

I just found out that on my wifes phone the fontsize was set to big instead of normal. That made the font look good but in reality it was smaller on her phone. :frowning2:


He has navigationbar on his phone, that’s why you’re formula doesn’t work, screen height is shorter by 48px.


No, everything is good, no matter of ActionBar. The problem is that Font Size doesnt adjust for him.


Good creative skills. Thanks. This is very useful!


@arun @amrita

If possible, please integrate these templates with Thunkable new project creation. It will give quick startup for new-thunkers and existing team to get started easily.

Thanks to @ILoveThunkable



yes, these templates are great!

it will definitely take a few months before we can incorporate them into the platform, but something we would be interested in doing


Hey amigo felicitaciones muy buen trabajo


wow,this is what i need for my app


I will modify ScrollingActivity with @Mika screen gestures.
P.S: @Brainwork can you test right now, ScrollingActivity. I just want to see does my formula work for you.


I updated ScrollingActivity with @Mika extension + moved it away from Experimental section.


Tested and working on samsung tablet device android 4.1.2. it’s a cool template. But the Screen Gestures extension would be preferred by me than the canvas. But it is very nice and useful


Can you take a screenshot when FAB is shown? Also, I updated template. Now with Gestures extension.


Here are the requested screenshots[quote=“ILoveThunkable, post:35, topic:4377”]
Can you take a screenshot when FAB is shown?


FAB problem. I need a different Font Size formula. Thanks for help.


A big thanks to u


@Allteach_BD I created these templates :slight_smile:


@ILoveThunkable I have simplified the Scrolling Activity template. This is guaranteed to work on every phone, irrespective of screen densities.

##ScrollingActivity.aia (46.0 KB)