Templates for easier app development!



Motivation. Thunkable. Community.
Motivation helped me to keep making all these templates until the end.
Thunkable is being used to build all these templates.
Community - always a great place to share stuff.


Thanks for the info.


Guys you are amazing :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Over 45 likes, plus 720 downloads and 40 clicks on link to Thunkable Beta.
Thank you absolutely to everyone & every single one of you! Love yall, people! :wink:

Side menu example

Can you Please Add Swipe finction to move between Sections?


Hello, currently no, I am pretty much having a lot of studies, I may have time in this weekend, not sure.


Guys, this is amazing, you are amazing! Templates are stoll being used actively, love to all! :heart:


great sir nice


How to edit section 2


Toggle visibility of section1 off and turn on visibility of section2, then just edit!




Incredible, this will help a lot!


Thanks for all the templates, would love to try them in my apps.


Thank you for this! As a beginner who has never built an app before, this could be super helpful!!


Thank you for Templates! Awesome your work! Congratulations!


Numbers are still growing :heart:


Great jobs!


i have used tabbed activity and in it i want a sidebar how to get it plzz explain


Very Nice!


Did the download numbers reset? I thought I could reach 1000+ downloads, but it seems that the counter reset. NavigationDrawerActivity had over 500 downloads and now it’s less than 200.


Thank you everybody for still active download numbers! :heart: