TeamTime (italian) - QR Code scan to register your staff's entrance/exit hours

TeamTime is born to make my life easier and, reasonably yours too.
I always had troubles managing my (large) staff while working in different venues: arriving time, extra hours, thousands of time people coming late. Also at the end of every month i always had problems with the working hours they sent me and what i had in my report.

TeamTime solved my problem, here’s how:

  1. As a manager of a company you need to register into the app to get a total free QR Code that will be printed and placed somewhere the staff can easily scan.
  2. At the arrival and when they finish their shift, every member of the staff scans the QR Code (literally 6 seconds of time between opening the app and scan it)
  3. Every single scan is registered into an Airtable’s table with calendar view where only who registered the company is allowed to access.
  4. You can see and manage the view and download the .csv file to store it safely in your laptop.

Upcoming features:

  • Adding a GPS locator to see if the staff member who scans the qr code is actually into the building
  • Pdf file available

At the moment i’m working on the IAP component as Airtable has a max of 1200 entries on each base on the free plan.

As first release, this app is just in italian but it will be available in different languages soon, even tho is very easy to understand.

Here the link for Android and Apple

If you try it and you like it, please leave a review!

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