Help with Data Sources replacing Airtable

Hi there,

I kindly ask for some help to solve this massive problem i have.

Since Airtable’s blocks are not going to work anymore and i will need to use Data Source blocks instead, i would like to know if there are any walkarounds to solve this issue here, something that maybe i didn’t think of:

Problem 1
An user insert an username and password in a login screen and, depending on the details provided, he will get access to one of the tables in Airtable named the same name of the “username”.
Example username “New Cafe”, it will get info from “NewCafe” table

While before i was using “Airtable.Set.Tablename” as variable, now it can’t be done as Data Sources doesn’t allow it.
WhatsApp Image 2023-12-27 at 14.06.07

Note: it must be done through airtable, I can’t modify the project or republish the app all time if I have to add/remove another username/table, it will take forever.
As i need to add/remove usernames/tables constantly, i am not taking in consideration the idea of publishing 2000 times the same app for small changes.

Problem 2
Bit more specific with a different example now, but same type.

This app allows the staff of different workplaces to scan a QR Code and register their clock in/out time in Airtable. Every workplace has a different name, each workplace has a different table in Airtable and Qr code.

In this case, the workplaces are: Micio, 100100NAPLES, RiservaAlberoni, VittoPitagorico, Prova877

In each table there is the list of staff name, device, clock in, clock out time.

For example scanning this QR Code (, the app will register the clok in/out of the device in the table called “NewCafe”, based on the QR code.

If another device scans another QR Code (for example “OldCafe”), the app will register his time in the table named “OldCafe”.

I used to do it very easily with Airtable blocks, i need to replace with Data Sources but i can’t find a viable solution that allows me to set the Tablenames as variable.

Save my life (and my wallet), any help will be more than appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @maurizio.polverini89, I know we are going through some of these issues with Airtable with you through other channels but so others are also in the know, we are aware of some issues here, especially with some Snap to Place Projects and our engineering team is working on a solution here.