Call specific column from data source

Hi, I’m trying to find a solution to convert these blocks with the new Data source blocks. Unfortunately I can’t find a match. I can’t find the possibility to recall a specific column by inserting the name of the column in a text. Any suggestions? Thank you

Hi @Coes_Italia,

I found myself in the same trouble about a month ago when i had to change all the Airtable’s blocks to a Data Source.
I had to set all different “if” to my blocks, in your case would be “if Marca_Elettrica” is “Trony”, then do this action.

Apparently though, just recently the Airtable’s blocks have been reinstalled with a new function and an extra block to access to the OAuthorization.
I haven’t had the chance to test it properly, but i think you’ll find useful this post here, maybe you’ll find a better and quicker solution (i hope for you)

I’m sorry i couldn’t help more, hopefully someone else can give you a better advice

If you use Airtable, there’s a much easier solution. You can use the filterByFormula function with the Airtable API and construct any kind of filter you need including a column name. I describe it here: filterByFormula via AirtableAPI - #2 by tatiang.

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